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Hedge Cutting

A properly cut hedge makes any garden look better.

Because your hedge is often your boundary, it is where the eye goes to when looking from or to your property. It is a focal point, though often not an intentional one. A straight edge here pleases anyone’s eye, though if you prefer an informal hedge, we can trim to this to your specification as well.

With regular hedge maintenance, SC Gardening keeps hedges looking their best all year round, cutting hedges according to each variety and client’s requirements. Laurels, including Portuguese laurel, are best cut twice a year. The same goes for privet. Established leylandii are
usually fine for a trim in autumn or over Winter.

All clippings will be removed, unless otherwise agreed.

We always leave your garden tidy.

Hedge Cutting Near Me

Are you looking for a professional hedge cutting service near you?

With over 20 years of gardening experience, you can trust SC Gardening to provide an exceptional hedge cutting service.

We provide hedge cutting services in Lisburn & Castlereagh, Belfast, Co. Antrim & Co. Down.

Contact us today to find out why we are rated as one of the best hedge cutting service providers located in Northern Ireland.

Hedge Cutting Examples

Below you can view some examples of our hedge cutting work.