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Gardening Services in Lisburn & Castlereagh, Belfast, Co. Antrim and Co. Down
Garden Maintenance, Garden Tidy-Ups, Hedge Cutting, Low Maintenance Beds, & Power Washing

Gardening Services

SC Gardening provide gardening services in Lisburn & Castlereagh, Belfast, Co. Antrim & Co. Down.

We have been renovating, maintaining and developing gardens since 1999.

Our Gardening Services

We offer 5 key garden services.

Garden Maintenance

Garden Maintenance

Free up your time and put your garden on automatic pilot. We will keep your garden as you wish it to be with one of our tried and tested garden maintenance packages.

Garden Tidy Up

Garden Tidy Up

Garden a mess? However bad it is, our garden tidy up will instantly have your garden looking great again, and a space to enjoy. This service is available all year round, even in Winter.

Hedge Cutting

Hedge Cutting

Unruly hedges needing a haircut? We will cut them the way you want them cut and leave your garden spotless afterwards with our garden hedge cutting service.

garden beds

Garden Beds

Tired of the never-ending cycle of weeding, or looking to add interest to your garden? Convert an existing bed to low maintenance or start as you mean to go on with a new low maintenance garden bed.

power washing

Power Washing

Slippery surfaces are dangerous and unsightly. Book them in for a good cleaning and see the difference it makes to your whole garden with a professional power wash.

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Gardening Testimonials

Please check out our client testimonials. They are our best advertisement and say more than we ever could. SC Gardening also has 5-star reviews on Google and and on FreeIndex, where we are the best reviewed gardening service in Northern Ireland.

Gardening Services FAQS

Listed below are some of the common garden maintenance and garden service questions and answers.

If you cannot find an answer to your question, then book a free consultation today.

Answer: We provide gardening services in the following Northern Ireland locations:

  • Lisburn
  • Belfast
  • Co. Antrim
  • Co. Down

Answer: It depends on your own requirements. Generally, we recommend booking a regular gardening service every 2 weeks from Mar-Nov if you want your lawn cut & beds kept or once per month if you just want beds & hard surfaces kept neat. If you have lots of leaves then a monthly visit over winter makes sense as well.

Answer: Yes, we have been registered with the Gardeners Guild for over 8 years.

Answer: All our gardeners complete a rigorous in-house training programme designed to focus on our specific style of garden maintenance. As well as this we contract external training for the use of weed-killer and other gardening skills as required.

Answer: Yes, once we complete any gardening tasks, we take away all the waste and dispose of it ecologically. We can also recycle garden waste at your own garden’s composting area if you have one.

Answer: No, we don’t work weekends. Our experienced gardeners work hard each day and we have found a break at the end of the gardening week is essential to recharge.

Answer: We can carry out most gardening work within 2 weeks of your quote. However, if a job is seasonal like Apple tree pruning, which has to be done in winter, we’ll let you know.

Answer: Most gardens can be tidied up in one day. However it does depend of how overgrown your garden is. You will receive a fixed price for the work on your garden at quoting time.

Answer: Prices for any gardening work – garden maintenance, garden tidy-ups, hedge-cutting, low maintenance beds, power washing and other services are very dependant on the work required but we recommend a minimum budget of £100 per month for regular garden maintenance & a minimum of £250 for tidy-ups and other one-off garden work.

Answer: Yes we do! A question we are asked surprisingly often! A client once described what we do as “proper” gardening and by that he meant we cover all aspects of garden maintenance, not just grass cutting & hedges! We want your garden beds looking awesome and that means weeding them out using a mix of mechanical tools and good old-fashioned trowels and hoes.

Answer: Though the regular gardening tasks of grass cutting and weeding generally stop, you’ll still find us gathering up leaves which fall in gardens to the end of December these days. We also mulch garden beds, renovate overgrown gardens, cut evergreen hedges, carry out a lot of power washing jobs, work on landscaping projects like low maintenance beds, prune fruit trees, plant trees & hardy shrubs and transplant larger shrubs to name just a few jobs. We have to keep warm you know!