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Do you have a property located in Hillsborough, Northern Ireland and are you looking for the best gardener with 20 years of experience?

We are a family run business with a team of qualified gardeners who are here to help you keep your garden looking amazing all year around.

Gardening Services

SC Gardening provides a range of garden services which include:
Garden Maintenance

Garden Maintenance

Our primary service - have your garden professionally maintained by a dedicated gardeners. Weekly, fortnightly or monthly garden services to choose from.

Garden Tidy Up

Garden Tidy Up

One of our most popular garden services - call us today to arrange a quote to bring order back to your garden, however overgrown it has become. Yearly garden tidy-ups also available.

Hedge Cutting

Hedge Cutting

True gardeners love hedges - they frame our gardens and a well cut hedge gives a sense of calm and neatness to your green space.

garden beds

Garden Beds

If you would like a more permanent approach to dealing with weed control then think about converting or installing low maintenance garden beds .

power washing

Power Washing

If your garden beds and lawn and hedges looks great but your paths and hard surfaces are dirty and dangerous to walk on then a power wash is essential.

The Gardeners You Can Depend On

With over 20 years experience, we provide professional gardening services in Hillsborough.

Book a free quote to find out why so many customers rely on SC Gardening to provide one of the best gardening services in Hillsborough, Northern Ireland.

Gardening Testimonials

Please check out our client testimonials. They are our best advertisement and say more than we ever could. SC Gardening also has 5-star reviews on Google and and on FreeIndex, where we are the best reviewed gardening service in Northern Ireland.

Gardening Services FAQS

Listed below are some of the common garden maintenance and garden service questions and answers.

If you cannot find an answer to your question, then book a free consultation today.

Answer: This will depend on how much gardening work you require us to do and how much you are happy to do yourself. Our gardeners can come on weekly, fortnightly, monthly or annual visits. All this can be discussed during your quote.

Answer: All our gardeners are trained with our in-house bespoke training programme which is pinpointed on maintaining gardens like yours to a high standard. Gardeners also undertake outside horticulture industry training for required certificates such as to apply pesticides.

Answer: Our teams can remove all green waste as part of our gardening services. If you wish to recycle it at your garden this is also possible, just let one of our team know.

Answer: We have found over the years that our staff work better and carry out our garden services to a high standard by sticking to a 5pm finish at gardens during the week and by having weekends free to relax and tend to their own gardens! This approach also means you have your garden to yourself at these times as well.

Answer: We will do our best, but most gardening work requires a few days notice and generally we are fairly tightly booked up every week. Most of our jobs are turned around within 2 weeks though so it is rarely a long wait.

Answer: We love the challenge an overgrown garden brings. One of the reason our gardeners are so good is that they take real pride in their work and pride in turning the jungle gardens into green spaces to enjoy.

Answer: We will need to see what is involved and talk to you about how you much you want us to do in your garden before giving you a price. However, once you’ve decided on the gardening services you need then a fixed price will be given for the job and this price won’t change.

Answer: Although we have heard plenty of stories about so-called “gardeners” who didn’t know a weed from a flower or gardeners are all trained to deal with weeds as a priority. True garden maintenance means first and foremost dealing with weeds. Enough said!

Answer: We have several regular clients with large gardens that require all year round maintenance to deal with leaves and to mulch beds and generally keep properties looking good 12 months of the year. As well as this we carry out power washing and mulching beds and installing low maintenance beds over winter. We’re open all year round.